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Raising Princesses

Posted by on Jan 30, 2014

Raising Princesses

I have two girls (beside my wife). They are my little love bugs – my sweeties. At one time or another, even currently, they have dreamed or acted or played being princesses. They are wonderful in the role – naturals. High tea, pinkies in the air, a court full of loyal, cotton-stuffed subjects.

I love it. It’s the best. It makes me think of the rest of the picture though. If they are princesses, then what’s my role? Am I the benevolent king? Prince charming? I don’t really know, maybe both, but one thing is certain – they don’t become princesses all by themselves. Someone has to mould these beauties, and I’m terrified that I’m part of the process. So far, they aren’t ruined, but I’ve got some time left:) I pray God will give me a vision for their lives and for my role as daddy.

Gotta go – tea time.

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