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The Way Up Is The Way Down

Posted by on Mar 8, 2014

The Way Up Is The Way Down

Is there someone in your life who inspires you? A person whom, when you reflect on their body of work, stirs something within you to strive for more? I think we all do – I know I’ve had a few. When I was younger, they were mostly musicians, sports heroes and the like – it was very connected to fame and position. But fame is fleeting and so is youth. And with the passing of one and the knowledge of the other, I find myself inspired by something else – SERVICE.

A couple of weeks ago, Dr Jeremiah shared a message from Mark that helped to crystalize my thinking. “The way up is the way down,” he said. He was speaking of the instance where two of the apostles wished to sit at the left and the right of Jesus. They were each seeking position – the same thing to which I ascribed importance when I was a kid. I felt in pretty good company with the apostles:) The thing is, that it doesn’t last – and Jesus isn’t into what doesn’t last. Jesus is into the eternal. Whether we proclaim Jesus as Christ or not, the TRUTH is the truth – he who would be last will be first, and he who would be first will be last. Eternal.

Becoming a servant takes something very special – something that must be honed through practice. It’s much more difficult a skill to master than a three-point shot, and infinitely harder to hold onto than fame – SELFLESSNESS. That word almost frightens me if I’m honest. Because I tend to replace it with other great words, like generosity and kindness, but that’s not what it means. It’s summed up in the commandment that reads, “love your neighbor as yourself.” Say that a few times to yourself. Let it sink in. Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself. Look out for your neighbor’s interests as much as you do your own. Look to your neighbor’s keeping as much as you do your own. We look after our every care – no person loves Marshall Hall more than I do – and we are to love our fellow man in the same regard.

This is a lot to swallow – I by no means have it taken care of. Far from it. But if Christ made anything clear while He was here, it’s that being a servant is the way to live…and I’m gonna try.

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