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Like Coming Home

Posted by on Aug 9, 2014

Like Coming Home

In November 2013, I responded to a call from Bill Gaither to fill in for the Gaither Vocal Band while he was finding some new members for his group. I’ve done this quite a bit over the last several years, but it was different this time. This particular weekend we were to sing at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. I used to attend this church – I served there. I met my wife in the halls of this place, and began to own and grow in my faith in a very palpable way while sitting under the teaching of Bill Hybels.

It was a blast as usual, singing with my good buddies and reliving the memories we’d made while on the road together – I loved my time with the GVB. After the concert, I milled around backstage to say goodbye to some of the tech crew, and ran into Pastor Hybels. We chatted for quite some time – it was so great to spend a few moments and reconnect. Before he left our conversation to catch the other Bill, he took my email and said it would be great to have me visit again sometime.

Well, long story short, my family and I moved to Chicago to once again be part of Willow Creek Community Church.

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