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  1. I watch turning point every Sunday before going to church. I haven ‘t seen Marshall hall in a while ministering in music. Is he still on the staff of Shadow Mtn. Church? I miss seeing him. Where is he? He has always been one of my favorite Christian singers

  2. Thank you Brenda! I’m no longer at Shadow Mountain; my family and I have moved to Chicago. I serve at Willow Creek Community Church there.

  3. I have watch you over the ten years or more now with Bill Gaither, and then you went t6o Shadow Mountain in El Cajon, Ca. where can we see you perform, or are you still with Bill Gaither?

  4. Betty,
    I am now in Chicago, at Willow Creek Community Church. I still sing with the Gaither Vocal Band from time to time, but you can watch our services in Chicago at

  5. When did you feel the call to go into the ministry? I enjoy hearing you sing and enjoy watching The Lord work and move through you. Are you going to be anywhere close to Greenville South Carolina any time in the future?

  6. I was around 17, but it didn’t come around to any kind of clarity until I was nearly 30.
    I’m currently not scheduled in SC, but Greenville is one of my favorite places to visit!

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